Classic Inlines Performance Parts

Classic Inlines Performance Parts

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  TurboChick – 63 Falcon

Items listed in Yellow were purchased from Classic Inlines.
Engine Drive Train 250ci Short Block – Line Bored C4 Auto with transgo shift kit Nodular Cast Iron Crank Traction-Loc 9" Differential w/ 3.73 gears Forged Dished Pistons – 8.7:1 CR Stock 28 Spline Rear Axle Seal Power Plasma Rings Exhaust Classic Inlines Aluminum Cylinder Head Home-make turbo header Clay Smith S278-114* Camshaft & Lifters 2" Pipes – Flowmater 40 Series Muffler SI Port Flow Valves 1.80/1.55 Brakes & Suspension Yella Terra Full Roller Rocker Assembly Front – Coil Over Shocks Valve Springs with Damper Rear – Stock Drum Brakes Classic Inlines Alloy Intake Manifold KYB Shocks on rear Holley 600cfm 4V Carburetor American Racing 15×7 Wheels – all four Turbonetics T4 Turbo with 16lbs of boost Body & Paint Alloy Valve Cover – Red with polished fins Original white paint Ignition System Fiberglass Front Bumper Duraspark II Distributor Interior MSD-6A Igniton Box Hurst Shifter 8mm Plug Wires

Original interior with bench seat

  Audio System.

Dyno Output – 323 HP with 502 lbs Torque

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