Welcome to the Fordsix Techlib


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Welcome to the FORDSIX TechLib!

This site is in it’s alpha stage infancy!  Not quite production ready – and a lot of decisions to be made.

This site is running wordpress.  I think we can mostly stick to creating ‘Pages’ and ‘Menus’ If you’re familiar with wordpress, great! If not, please read up (I’ve been doing a lot of reading!):

In General… the idea was to convert the old fordsix.com and classicinlines.com tech pages over to here.  I think that should be done in some fashion.  I don’t think it should or can be a strictly copy-pasta job.

‘If-Possible’ Wishlist:

  • We should strive for accuracy and citing proper sources and giving attribution.
  • Avoid Tables
  • Avoid remote linking to images, important articles, etc.
  • Do your best to avoid grammatical errors or imprecise language.  We have an international audience.

Make suggestions as needed!